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What is hacking? Before listening to this podcast We recommend changing your email, banking & Apple ID passwords if you use them for anything else. Use a password generator to make unique, random new ones for each login. These accounts are central to unlocking your online life. Ideally never use duplicate passwords. Nothing is perfect, but let's make it as hard as possible for hackers & bots 💪🏻 We also recommend subscribing to a password manager like 1Password: It remembers all your passwords, generates new ones & automates all your logins…have a read (1Password) And now to the show notes WannaCry ransomware: What is it & how to protect yourself (Wired) WannaCry ransomware attack (Wikipedia) Global ransomware attack makes less than $US60,000 as only 209 victims choose to pay (ABC Australia) The hardest part of decrypting your ransomwared files might be figuring out Bitcoin - so hackers are offering 'customer support' (Mashable) How does Bitcoin work? (bitcoin) What is hacking? (The Conversation) Why do…