20: Schrödinger’s rabbit
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What is radioactivity? Where are you from? Send us a postcard! Strange Attractor, c/ PO Box 9, Fitzroy, VIC 3065, Australia What is radioactivity? Including alpha, beta & gamma decay, half-life, background radiation & health effects (Physics.org) Types of radioactivity (Andy Darvill’s Science Site) The difference between radioactivity & radiation (The Conversation) Cool chart that shows radiation doses for all sorts of things…including sleeping next to someone & eating a banana (xkcd) Alpha, beta & gamma penetration (HyperPhysics, Georgia State University) Alpha, beta & gamma penetration (BBC, GCSE) Radioactive elements can ‘decay’ into other elements — here’s the crazy decay chain for uranium-238 (Wikipedia) There are 29 radioactive elements on Earth & thousands more radioactive isotopes (Wikipedia) Some examples of radioactive isotopes or ‘radionuclides’ (Wikipedia) Some ‘nuclides’ are stable, but most are radioactive & decay — here’s a list of >900 with half-lives from <1 hour to >50 million years…