2: Lessons from the Lauren Daigle Interview (Pt. 1)
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In this episode we discuss the recent controversy surrounding Lauren Daigle’s interview with iHeartRadio host Domenick Nati. We cover the issue of judging and the important distinction between evaluating and condemning. Show Links On Judging Others: Is There a Right Way? Comic John Crist defends Lauren Daigle, John Gray, tells critics 'just shut up' Social Media Links Seth and Nirva's Website Seth and Nirva on YouTube Seth and Nirva on Instagram Seth and Nirva on Twitter Stephen Robles on Instagram Stephen Robles on Twitter Apologetics and Philosophy Resources Reasonable Faith J.P. Moreland Website Ravi Zacharias Ministries Stand To Reason Impact 360 Institute Science & Religion Reasonable Faith Discovery Institute John Lennox Reasons To Believe Answers In Genesis BioLogos Politics and Culture Os Guiness Prager U Discovery Institute Wayne Grudem Eric Metaxas LGBTQ Joe Dallas Christopher Yuan Can You Be Gay and Christian? By Dr. Michael Brown Outlasting The Gay Revolution By Dr. Michael Brown Washed and…