Former Cisco CEO John Chambers
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John Chambers, the former chairman and CEO of Cisco, talks with Recode’s Kara Swisher about the future of startups and his book, “Connecting the Dots: Leadership Lessons in a Startup World.” In this episode: (01:43) Chambers’s 26 years at Cisco and 180 acquisitions; (05:28) Cisco’s new leadership and his transition out; (07:57) “We think we’re the leader of innovation in America, we no longer are”; (17:58) The Republican party and uniting the country; (20:40) What the government can do to help startups; (26:18) Damage caused by tech; (28:48) China and India; (33:34) Why Chambers wrote the book; (39:25) Key leadership lessons: Vision, strategy and culture; (44:16) Creating jobs and common problems; (51:01) Entrepreneurship around the U.S. and internationally; (52:57) Immigration and diversity