My Digital Revolution
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Stories of life online, told live. We teamed up with Generation Women, a monthly event where women from their 20s to their 80s share stories on a theme. For this episode, the theme is My Digital Revolution. Tales from the wellness editor at Teen Vogue, Kathy Tu from the Nancy podcast, Chirlane McCray, the first lady of New York. And Carol Prisant, the most baller septuagenarian you’ve ever heard. For real. Plus, Generation Women founder Georgia Clark. ———- Our newest series is No Filter: Women Owning It Online. Since #metoo, we’re all rethinking what it means to be a woman in the world. But what does it mean to be a woman on the web? To find out, we’ve partnered with New York Magazine’s The Cut. Hear our launch episode now. Follow us on Twitter @manoushz and @notetoself, or on Facebook. Email us any time at [email protected] - we love hearing from you. Responses from real humans, not bots, promise.