45: Your Audio Should Sound Amazing, with Ray Ortega & Curtis Judd
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If your audio is great people can forgive medicore video, but if it sounds bad people will turn it off. This episode we are talking with mic and preamp reviewer Curtis Judd and podcast producer Ray Ortega the simple secrets to audio production for some common situations. This podcast is brought to you by Epidemic Sound, where creators can easily license sound effects and music for all your creative projects Audio for social media The priority for quick social media videos like Instagram stories is to keep it simple and sounding great. When you turn on the selfie camera, you‘re off to a great start because the mic is only an arm's length from you face and most phones have decent mics these days. Just be extra careful not make the biggest rookie mistake of covering the mic with your pinkie finger. Stay aware of which direction the mic is facing since phones have mics on the front, back and bottom. If you are pointing it away from you, your voice will get a lot quieter. If this is a situation, you often find…