46: Make Money Making Videos, with Caleb Wojcik
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Running a video business is as fun as it is hard and I talked to Caleb Wojcik about how we do it. Special Guest: Caleb Wojcik.Sponsored By:Epidemic Sound: All the music and sound effects a creator could ever needKronaby: Timeless watch design with smart features like notifications, music controls and automatic time zones.Links:Wilkosz & Way use the 5DIISandwich Video - Small, medium and large budgetsCamera comparison: C200 and Alexa Mini — Image number 1 is the Canon, 2 is the Arri. They were matched using the Arri LUT and tweaked by eye.V-Mic D3 Pro – Deity MicrophonesAputure | Next Level ImagingSwitchPodVlogging in the 90s, Dan Mace