30: Give Your Shopify Thank You Page A Superpower Of Revenue And Retention
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On today’s episode, I’m chatting with Ruth Even Haim, the Co-founder of ReConvert. It’s an interesting and dare I say, an exciting innovation, in what used to be a boring thank you page. It’s really cool what they’re doing to improve the customer experience and customer lifetime value through the Shopify thank you page.Most stores try to re-engage customers with email, social media, push and SMS messages, but the open and click rates are going down. However, your store’s thank you page gives you the perfect retention boosting opportunity. Not only that, customers will visit the order status page a few more times when receiving default notifications from your store; like shipping updates to their email.By optimizing your thank you page for conversions, you will re-engage customers who just completed a purchase with your store, and catch them when they are most likely to buy again, in the near future, or to comply with other requests….let’s jump into the show and learn more :)