Evan Goldberg on Founding NetSuite, His Relationship With Larry Ellison & the Positive Impact of the Oracle Acquisition
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Happy NetSuite Podcast launch! What better way to kick things off than diving into a discussion with NetSuite founder and current EVP of Development, Evan Goldberg? Chatting with host Kendall Fisher, Goldberg takes us on his journey through founding NetSuite, going all the way back to his early days, working in a small office above a hair salon and beside a liquor store in Silicon Valley. He explains how he leveraged his relationship with Larry Ellison (5:42) to make it happen, and how the Oracle founder still remains his mentor today. Goldberg also reveals three big ways the Oracle acquisition has helped NetSuite scale over the last two years (12:37) and answers why he still loves coming to work every single day (18:19).