5 | Lost In Translation: Finding and Reading Translated Books
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This week, BooksAndRhymes, BookShyBooks and PostColonialChild debate ‘authenticity’ in translated books and the politics of language. We explore: The one-way traffic of literature from the west to the rest of the world. The focus of translation from European languages into ‘dominant’ national languages and its adverse impact on lesser known indigenous languages. The ‘feel’ of translated works and how true they are to the original literature. I.e: Do we loose the beauty, depth, and meanings of the original work once it has been translated? The inclusion of books from other languages and cultures in the curricula. Whether a good translation should faithfully capture the original text, or should it interpret the work into something with a distinctive life of its own? Do the existence of translated work create a sense of community and empathy towards others? Should translators share the limelight with the author of the work? Books&Rhymes drops the mic on a controversial topic. Continue the conversation by…