4 | Clash of the Titans: Independent vs Big Publishing Houses
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Welcome to our fourth episode of ”Not Another Book Podcast”. This week, BooksAndRhymes, BookShyBooks, and PostcolonialChild debate the differences between independent publishers, big publishing houses, and writers who choose to self publish; as well as and the ways in which the actions of publishers and books sellers influence the books we read. Key takeaways: The blurred lines between independent and big publishing houses. Pros and Cons of indie, self publishing, and mainstream traditional publishing houses for writers. The treatment of under-represented groups within the industry. Gatekeeping between publishers and book retailers. Make sure you listen out for PostColonialChild’s ‘drop the mic’. We promise, it’s a REALLY good one! Continue the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #NotAnotherBook. Drop us an email Join us for our live show recording with Tomi Adeyemi, the author of Children of Blood and Bone.