6 | It’s A Different World: Reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
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This week, Books & Rhymes, BookShyBooks, and PostColonialChild discuss their relationship with science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction (SFF), afrofuturism, and the blurred line between fiction and reality within the genre. We explore: If science fiction, fantasy & speculative fiction are niche genres and the ways in which social media has expanded their readership. If fables and traditional folk tales should be classified as speculative fiction. How books by writers from the global south are marketed, and the ways in which their works are excluded from the genre. The ways in which we, as readers of colour, insert ourselves into the narrative - despite the absence of self-representation in most SFF. BooksShyBooks delivers the ‘Mic Drop’ on an important topic. Come through, and engage in literary shenanigans with us at our: Live show at Shout Out Live Podcast Festival on the 14th of July. Live episode recording with Tomi Adeyemi, the author of Children of Blood and Bone on the 8th of August.…