Tech Talk Today 272
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Telegram's battle of the ban continues, and AWS and Google Cloud become targets. Reddit is growing like crazy, which worries us a bit, and Microsoft loses their multi-year legal fight with the US Government. And why autonomous boats might be here much sooner than self-driving cars. Sponsored By:Digital Ocean: Smash our promo code heresthething after you create an account, and get a credit on us! Promo Code: heresthethingLinks:And now there's ~20 million or so AWS/Google Cloud addresses blocked in Russia. — More on Russia v Telegram v The Cloud in today’s briefing: - Russia demands Telegram encryption keys, they refuse - Russia blocks Telegram - Telegram uses AWS + Google Cloud - Russia blocks the cloudTwitch is reportedly blocked in Russia right now — Twitch is reportedly blocked in Russia after the country’s state communications regulator announced it was blocking specific IP addresses owned by Amazon and Google. Telegram plays down Russian block — claiming no ‘significant’ impact yet | TechCrunch — A court…