267: Google - Conspiracy Fighter
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Google's got a solution to all those crazy conspiracy YouTube videos. There's just one major problem… Plus Geek Squad's cozy relationship with the FBI, Intel's hardware fix for Spectre is closer than you thought, and what the hell is a Steve? Then our Kickstarter of the week, big Jupiter Broadcasting news, and more.Sponsored By:Linux Academy: Sign up with a free 7 day trial when you visit: linuxacademy.com/unpluggedLinks:Coder Radio 300 Shirt and HoodieCoder CoastersCoder Radio 300 PosterGoogle to Weed Out Cryptocurrency Ads | Online Advertising | TechNewsWorld — The ban includes, but is not limited to, initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets and cryptocurrency trading advice.YouTube didn’t tell Wikipedia about its plans for Wikipedia - The Verge — YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that the platform would start adding information from Wikipedia to conspiracy-related videos within the next few weeks. Intel redesigned its 8th-gen processors to patch ‘Meltdown’ flaws — The…