269: The Slice Age
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Facebook gets punched in the face all week long, Amazon has drones that can smell fear, Telegram is ordered to hand over the keys, and some crazy folk want to make ketchup slices. Plus the huge space station that's falling to earth, we talk a little GDPR, and own up to the big mistake Chris made.Sponsored By:Digital Ocean: Smash our promo code heresthething after you create an account, and get a credit on us! Promo Code: heresthethingLinks:Umm, @ChrisLAS , when did the USA population grow to > 500 million — Umm, @ChrisLAS , when did the USA population grow to > 500 million (I had to do a double take when listening)? Plus not sure that every man, woman and child is on it in the USA ;-) Just thought I’d check :-) #techtalktoday #CambridgeAnalyticsFacebook is limiting developers' access to account data — here's how that will impact them - Business Insider — Facebook will limit developer access to user data in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the company announced on Wednesday.SpaceX founder Elon…