265: The California Shakes
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California is ripping our rig apart, its the final big push to SCALE after four days on the road and we're determined to make it. We meet up with some friends, get our geek on, and conquer the road. Plus tech headlines, and more.Sponsored By:Ting: Take $25 off a device, or earn $25 in service credits if you bring a compatible one! Promo Code: Visit LAS.ting.comLinks:Oculus Rift is effectively bricked right now — First discovered in the Oculus Forums, the cause of this Oculus Runtime Service error is an expired certificate. Because Oculus failed to renew this certificate, the Oculus Runtime Service is being viewed as invalid. The only way to fix this is for Oculus to release an updated version of OculusAppFramework.dll with a new certificate. Once that happens, your Oculus services should return to normal operating speed.Android P Developer Preview arrives with new notification panel, notch support — However, device support for this release is pretty limited: you’ll need a Google Pixel phone to play. The…