InsurTech Insider: Episode 16. Pet insurance
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Bought By Many COO Oke Eleazu joins Sarah and David to share his expertise in a show dedicated to pet insurance. David has just bought (and insured) a puppy so we had a lot of vested interest in this one! 1 in 10 of the entire UK population have taken out pet insurance and there are 51 million pets in the UK alone, Oke tells us all about the pet insurance industry, which is a growing sector in insurance. We also cover the top insurtech news stories of the moment, including the Beast from the East using up all of Direct Line's annual weather-related claims budget. If you enjoy the show, subscribe so you never miss an episode and leave us a review on iTunes. If you want to get in touch, reach out to us on Twitter @InstechInsiders or email [email protected] Guest: Oke Eleazu.Sponsored By: