Episode 17: Fraud Prevention
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George Herber, Business Development Manager at Friss, David Hartley, Director of Fraud and Financial Crime Practice at SAS Global and Greg Brown, Partner at Oxbow Partners, join Nigel and Sarah to dig into: How insurance is preventing fraud right now, who's actually making fraudulent claims, the threat of organised fraudsters, staying wary of cracking down too hard and much more. Nigel and Sarah also take a look into the top insurtech news stories. As always you can find the show on Twitter @instechinsiders and if you like what you've heard this week, don’t forget subscribe to our podcast and please leave us a review us on iTunes. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please reach out on Twitter or email podcasts@11fs.comSpecial Guests: David Hartley, George Herber, and Greg Brown.Sponsored By: