378: Two-Factor Fraud
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Reddit’s Two Factor procedures fail, while Google’s prevents years of attacks. We’ll look at the different approaches, and discuss the fundamental weakness of Reddit’s approach. Plus a Spectre attack over the network, BGP issues take out Telegram, and more!Sponsored By:Ting: Save $25 off a device, or get $25 in service credits! Promo Code: Visit techsnap.ting.comiXSystems: Get a system purpose built for you. Promo Code: Tell them we sent you!Digital Ocean: Apply our promo snapocean after you create your account, and get a $10 credit. Promo Code: snapoceanLinks:Hey, don't route the messenger! Telegram redirected through Iran by baffling BGP leakFinding and Diagnosing BGP Route LeaksCloud Leak: How A Verizon Partner Exposed Millions of Customer AccountsNew Spectre attack enables secrets to be leaked over a networkNetSpectre: Read Arbitrary Memory over NetworkPassword breach teaches Reddit that, yes, phone-based 2FA is that badWe had a security incident.Google Employees Use a Physical Token as Their Second…