374: Quantum Resistant Encryption
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Good progress is being made on post-quantum resilient computing. We’ll explain how they’re achieving it, the risks facing traditional cryptography. Plus how bad defaults led to the theft of military Drone docs, new attacks against LTE networks, more!Sponsored By:Ting: Save $25 off a device, or get $25 in service credits! Promo Code: Visit techsnap.ting.comiXSystems: Get a system purpose built for you. Promo Code: Tell them we sent you!Digital Ocean: Apply our promo snapocean after you create your account, and get a $10 credit. Promo Code: snapoceanLinks:Hacker Steals Military Docs Because Someone Didn’t Change a Default FTP PasswordYear-Old Critical Vulnerabilities Patched in ISP Broadband Gear | The first stop for security newsTimehop admits that additional personal data was compromised in breachResearchers Uncover New Attacks Against LTE Network ProtocolBreaking LTE on Layer TwoNintendo reportedly rolling out new, more hack-resistant Switch hardwareWire and post-quantum resistanceWhat is quantum…