357: The Return of Spectre
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February 22, 2018
New variants, bad patches, busted microcode and devastated performance. It’s a TechSNAP Meltdown and Spectre check up. Plus Tesla gets hit by Monero Cryptojacking, and a dating site that matches people based on their bad passwords…. So we gave it a go!Sponsored By:iXSystems: Get a system purpose built for you. Promo Code: Tell them we sent you!Ting: Save $25 off a device, or get $25 in service credits! Promo Code: Visit techsnap.ting.comDigital Ocean: Apply our promo snapocean after you create your account, and get a $10 credit. Promo Code: snapoceanLinks:People Are Actually Using a Joke Dating Site That Matches People Based on Their Passwords — This website answers the question no one ever asked: what if you dated someone who used the same password?Flight Sim Company Embeds Malware to Steal Pirates' Passwords — Flight sim company FlightSimLabs has found itself in trouble after installing malware onto users’ machines as an anti-piracy measure. Code embedded in its A320-X module contained a mechanism for…