364: The Case for Monitoring
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We cover all the bases this week in our TechSNAP introduction to server monitoring. Why you should monitor, what you should monitor, the basics of Nagios, the biggest drawbacks of Nagios, its alternatives, and our lessons learned from the trenches. Sponsored By:iXSystems: Get a system purpose built for you. Promo Code: Tell them we sent you!Ting: Save $25 off a device, or get $25 in service credits! Promo Code: Visit techsnap.ting.comDigital Ocean: Apply our promo snapocean after you create your account, and get a $10 credit. Promo Code: snapoceanLinks:Why Bother with Server Monitoring? — Once a network or server has been installed, how do you know it is working as it should? Just like a car or any appliance, it may need maintenance or parts replaced to keep it in top working order. Network and server monitoring allows the Network Administrator to see how hardware and software are performing. We can look for certain signs or warnings that the system is not working efficiently and take action to fix things to…