366: Catching up with Allan
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We catch up with Allan Jude and he shares stories of hunting network bottlenecks, memories of old firewalls, and some classic ZFS updates. Plus the vulnerabilities found in Volkswagen cars, and the lengths a security research went to create the ultimate honeypot laptop.Special Guest: Allan Jude.Sponsored By:iXSystems: Get a system purpose built for you. Promo Code: Tell them we sent you!Ting: Save $25 off a device, or get $25 in service credits! Promo Code: Visit techsnap.ting.comDigital Ocean: Apply our promo snapocean after you create your account, and get a $10 credit. Promo Code: snapoceanLinks:Volkswagen and Audi Cars Vulnerable to Remote Hacking — esearchers also gained access to the IVI system’s root account, which they say allowed them access to other car data.It’s Impossible to Prove Your Laptop Hasn’t Been Hacked. I Spent Two Years Finding Out. — For the last two years, I have carried a “honeypot” laptop with me every time I’ve traveled; this computer was intended to attract (and then detect)…