PG120: Gun Policy After Las Vegas & Gerrymandering
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Mike and Jay start this week’s show by discussing the state of gun policy in the United States in the wake of the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas. They get into how the United States is different from other rich countries on the issue, whether liberals are being honest in their arguments, the motives of the NRA, what legislative proposals might be effective, if the left really wants to take away people’s guns, and lots more. After that it’s a look at partisan gerrymandering, an issue that reach the Supreme Court this week. Mike believes that the Court should - and will - overturn the extreme partisan districts in Wisconsin because political scientists have developed a reasonable standard for determining whether or not a legislative district is unconstitutionally partisan. Jay disagrees, and believes that the Court will ultimately let Wisconsin’s redistricting stand. Mike’s Recommend Reading & Listening - Budget Reconciliation Explained - Vox’s The Weeds on Budget Reconciliation…