PG112: Charlottesville, North Korea, Opioid Emergency, Climate Report
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This week’s show starts with the tragic events in Charlottesville, VA where there were multiple clashes between white nationalist protesters and counter-protesters, the most horrific by far being a young white man deliberately ramming his vehicle into the counter-protesters, resulting in one death and 19 injuries. President Trump condemned the violence, but made no specific mention of white nationalists or other hate groups by name, instead pointedly saying that there was violence ‘on many sides’. Later on Saturday, the Justice Department announced that it would be starting a civil rights investigation into the the circumstances of the deadly car ramming. Next, it’s a look at the situation between the United State and North Korea. As President Trump doubles down on his bellicose rhetoric in response to North Korea’s typical semi-lunatic public pronouncements, Mike and Jay consider whether President Trump has a strategy and what options the US has. After that, the Guys discuss the opioid crisis, which…