Overturned Courts, Market-Based Healthcare, Affirmative Action, Political Correctness, Politicizing Weather
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This week, Mike and Jay respond to lister questions and comments: if the Ninth Circuit is really the most overturned appellate court (it depends on how you measure), whether we think market-based reforms can lower health care costs (sometimes), if there’s ever a case to be made for affirmative action and political correctness (Mike is much more emphatically ‘yes’ on this than Jay is, as you might expect), whether or not Mike and Jay are wrong for not calling Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions racist (we don’t think so), and why ‘politicization’ is such a dirty word when it comes to weather (Mike says it’s not - or at least it shouldn’t be, while Jay disagrees). In this episode, Jay recommends SCOTUSBlog (http://bit.ly/2yxjHc2), which Mike also likes and has used for many years. Empirical SCOTUS (http://bit.ly/2yxrmau) is another great site Jay recommends for data on the Supreme Court. We hope you’ll consider checking out the sponsors of today’s show, who with your help make it possible for us to keep on doing…