Kurt Schlichter Explains How Hillary Clinton is Evil & Listener Mail
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There was so much intense listener response to Mike’s recent interview with Townhall.com columnist Kurt Schlichter, that Mike and Jay decided to devote the first part of this listener mail episode to addressing those responses and explaining why Mr. Schlicter was invited on the show. Mr. Schlichter himself appears in this episode, to explain what he meant when, in the interview, he repeatedly referred to Hillary Clinton as evil. After that, the Guys answer listener mail, including questions about climate change, reasons for opposition to normalizing relations with Cuba, and their thoughts on a Politics Guys ‘Cheers’ analogy. We hope you’ll check out the sponsors of today’s show: Dollar Shave Club, where new members get their 1st month of the Executive Razor with a tube of their Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter for ONLY $5 with FREE shipping. In your first month’s box, you get a weighty handle, a full cassette of four Executive cartridges and a tube of Shave Butter. You can only get this offer now by going to…