10: The struggle of being a founder, Reddit, and the new religion: Dataism
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Abadesi and Michael are back again for a milestone episode 10. This time they discuss Carl Martin’s open letter about his entrepreneurial adventures. An interesting study about Reddit’s depression subreddit, trusting your companies with your health data, and new startups we like the look of. Use the hashtag #techish or email us at techishpod@gmail.com Further reading: https://medium.com/@carlmartin/taking-the-scenic-route-c7ba89e8aae2 https://futurism.com/reddit-depression-mental-illness/ https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/apr/22/martin-lewis-sues-facebook-over-fake-ads-with-his-name https://futurism.com/quit-drinking-alcohol-monitoring-implant/