HighRollers on Stream of Annihilation
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Watch the Stream of Annihilation on June 2&3 at 10am PT on twitch.tv/dnd with streamed D&D games with all kinds of amazing people, including our guests from HighRollers, Chris Trott, Mark Hulmes and Katie Morrison. Shelly Mazzanoble (@shellymoo) and Greg Tito (@gregtito) attempt to be funny. Lore You Should Know –Matt Sernett and Chris Perkins go into what’s around the planet of Abeir-Toril in the Forgotten Realms. Here’s a guide to when each segment on the podcast begins: 00:00 – Intro with Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble 06:05 – Lore You Should Know – Cosmos of Forgotten Realms 31:10 – Interview with Mark Hulmes, Katie Morrison and Chris Trott from Yogcast’s HighRollers 01:10:20 – Outro with Greg and Shelly