52: 526-527 “Casual Friday”/”Café Disco” | The Office Podcast
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In Episode 52 of An American Workplace, Katie and Chad talk about Season 5 Episodes 26 and 27 of The Office, “Casual Friday” and “Café Disco”! OUR PATREON PAGE! Bonus content for as little as $1 per month! An American Workplace on iTunes Show Notes “Casual Friday” on iTunes “Café Disco” on iTunes 526 - “Casual Friday” Aired April 30, 2009 Dir. Brent Forrester Written by Anthony Farrell 527 - “Café Disco” Aired May 7, 2009 Dir. Randall Einhorn Written by Warren Lieberstein and Halsted Sullivan Contact Katie Twitter Facebook Chad Twitter Facebook Cinescope An American Workplace Facebook Twitter Website Email [email protected] iTunes/Amazon links contain affiliate tags that help us to earn a bit of money when you click on them. Your support is much appreciated!