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Surprising details in how Ubuntu's Gnome desktop is getting implemented, Krita hits some troubles but the community comes to the rescue, Bitcoin splits, Firefox sends, and Red Hat gives up on Btrfs. Plus Amazon accuses BLU of spying on Android users, and more!Sponsored By:Digital Ocean: Create an account and apply our promo heresthething to get a $10 credit. Or visit: https://do.co/action Promo Code: heresthethingLinks:Krita Foundation in Trouble — This means that the tax authorities see the Foundation is as partly a company, partly as not a company.The Krita community came to the rescue — We didn’t expect the incredible response from all of you! A day later, over 500 awesome people have donated a total of €9562 (at the time of writing, check the fancy progress bar we’ve finally managed to create!). Fourteen people have joined the development fund, too!More details about the GNOME experience in Ubuntu 17.10 — e will implement thus our modifications as a GNOME Shell mode Some BLU phones still phoning home to…