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Ubuntu is switching back to Xorg, Linus calls out Intel, and are the BSDs dying? Plus how you can start testing Plasma Mobile, Pursim aims for convergence, and Mycroft is back!Sponsored By:Ting: Save $25 off your first device, or $25 in service credit if you bring one!Links:Plasma Mobile test ISOs — 44% poll participants wanting to test Plasma Mobile on their device, and/or as a virtual machine, or on real machine.Purism aims for convergence — Upon successful completion of our funding campaign, we started to look for a Designer to take care of the user experience for the Librem 5, and a web developer to help us improve the look & feel (and more technical parts) of our website in general. Today, I’m glad to finally welcome them publicly!Mycroft Mark 2 — What sets Mark II apart? It’s open source. This means your personal data stays private, you can customize your experience, and Mycroft is a neutral player in the voice game, allowing you to be confident in your personal preference of apps and skills. Ubuntu…