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February 25, 2018
Open Source salvation from Android and iOS gets closer this week, an update on Ubuntu's metrics collection, and huge news for Signal and RISC-V Linux fans. Sponsored By:Digital Ocean: Create an account and apply our promo heresthething to get a $10 credit. Or visit: https://do.co/action Promo Code: heresthethingLinks:LineageOS 15.1 is finally here — We’ve been working hard these months to get this new version available; the changes that were done in upstream (AOSP) are huge: Project Treble changed the way hardware is managed in Android, so all the OEM-abandoned platforms that are supported by Lineage had to be adapted for the new platform. XDA articleUnity 8 running on 18.04Ubuntu metrics collection will be opt-in when upgrading to 18.04 — ”Upgrading users would need to purposely “opt-in” to this behaviour, as that wasn’t explicitly asked in the past.Collecting user data while protecting user privacy — The technique varies a lot in exactly how it’s applied, but the basic concept is that for any question,…