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Flatpak and snap get the Solus boost, Ubuntu's community is getting a remake, and development on Ubuntu 17.10 has taken an interesting turn. Plus more good news for Firefox users, and why Google's "streaming OS updates" could be great for the Android ROM community.Sponsored By:Linux Academy: Visit linuxacademy.com/unplugged and sign up for a free 7 day trial!Links:Snaps in Solus — Occurs to me that I likely have to make some kind of statement or whathaveyou about the whole “Solus adopting snaps” thing. Ubuntu Community Hub Proposal — I propose we replace the Community Portal with a dynamic and collaboratively maintained site. The site would raise the profile of conversations and content, to improve our onboarding and communication issues.Ubuntu Artful Desktop Fit and Finish Sprint — First up is the Desktop Fit & Finish Sprint on August 24th and 25th.50% CPU savings w/Hardware Accelerated Video Playback — We’re testing some patches to Chromium 60 in Artful to enable video acceleration and we’re seeing roughly…