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More hardware acceleration comes to desktop Linux, Mozilla launches ambitious new projects, Unity 7 fans can rejoice & Jolla has an important update. Plus we discuss the 2017 Linux Laptop Survey, the really fancy new trick Opus has pulled off in the latest release & more!Sponsored By:Ting: Save $25 off your first device, or $25 in service credit if you bring one!Links:Ubuntu Desktop Weekly Update: June 23, 2017 — We’ve got hardware accelerated video decoding working in a Proof-Of-Concept using a GStreamer and VA-API pipeline. The result is 3% CPU usage to play an h264 4K 60FPS video on Haswell. 4K h265 HEVC is also playable but requires a Skylake or later processor. 2017 Linux Laptop Survey — So we’ve established this Linux Laptop Survey in conjunction with Linux stakeholders to hopefully gather more feedback that will be useful to many different parties — this survey isn’t just for our own benefit and enjoyment at Phoronix. Jolla Summer 2017: CEO's Update — It has been a while since our last update about…