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Atari has a Linux powered console, some brief Ubuntu updates, and the biggest Kernel news in years. Then we consider the recent smattering of opinion pieces on Microsoft's commitment to Open Source.Sponsored By:Linux Academy: Visit linuxacademy.com/unplugged and sign up for a free 7 day trial!Links:New Atari console runs Linux — The Ataribox is powered by a ‘customised’ AMD processor and uses Radeon graphics. On the software side the machine runs a ‘customised’ version of Linux that has an “easy-to-use user interface”.Ubuntu 17.10 final beta — Artful Final Beta includes updated versions of most of our core set of packages, including a current 4.13 kernelUbuntu 17.10 Will Drop The 32-bit Desktop ISO — There will no longer be any “ubuntu-desktop-i386.iso” produced. There is no longer any effective QA or testing being done on the Ubuntu i386 desktop image on actual 32-bit-only hardware.Announcing the XFree KWin project — The idea is to be able to start KWin/Wayland without XWayland support. 6 year LTS kernel —…