Polycythemia Vera: Vampires Would Love Her {Chronic Illness Podcast}
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Hello everyone thank you for being patient this week I was regular sick. I truly believe that those of us with chronic illness should be given a pass on the flu but hey no-one asked me. This week I am talking with the author of You Are Not Your Diagnosis Lyn Thompsan about her polycythemia vera, a blood disorder that even after 6 months of doing this chronic illness podcast I have never heard of. She could be a vampire’s dream Her blood does not have a switch off on platelets See breast reduction surges save lives (preop is a great way to get diagnosis). Vampires in lab coats Blind dates with doctors (they never look like they do on Grays Anatomy) The Inquisition can learn a thing or two from medical tests OK wasteful vampires. Take all the extra blood and throw them away. Who you are before illness (BI) is not who you end up after sick (AS) Being sick can make you more private. Which part is you and which part is the disorder. You Are Not Your Diagnosis book in progress What it’s like to be wrongly…