Get This Woman A Cape: Dealing With NF: Chronic Illness and Parenting Children with Chronic Illness: And Some Kick Ass Snowboarding and Other Self Care Tips {Chronic Illness Podcast}
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Please download images to share the podcast on social media.Show NotesWelcome to this week’s chronic illness podcast episode of Invisible Not Broken. This week I am talking with Elana who has the chronic illness condition neurofibromatosis, bipolar and partial blindness. Along with her chronic illness, she is a caregiver to her young children who have their own disabilities. Elana is not only taking care of her own physical limitations she is also parenting children who have their own mental and physical challenges. She spends close to 40 hours a week coordinating care for her family.Her daughter is on the autism spectrum, ADHD, and childhood Clinical Depression. We talk about school’s fiscal responsibility to children with special needs. Some of the struggles of parenting and disciplining a child with Aspergers and how to handle a first grader who has clinical depression.Her son has NF needing constant wheelchair and g tube. We talk about some of the VERY difficult decisions parents with a genetic disorder…