Remitting MS and Interview With Lauren Selfridge from This Is Not What I Ordered A Chronic Illness Podcast
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Lauren Selfridge had remitting MS is a therapist in the SF Bay Area and runs a wonderful chronic illness podcast called This Is Not What I Ordered. To be VERY clear Lauren is on the calmer side of the spectrum of MS that though has bad days at this time she is still able to continue to work and run a GREAT Podcast This Is Not What I Ordered Great tech explanation of MS Some VERY good information about MS diagnosis and tests Stress is the doctors new go to instead of “hysteria” Don’t be afraid to DEMAND a test that you know you need Spinal Tap is much more fun as a movie than as a medical test, click here to see what I mean. HERE Sorry real life barking pug decided to be a “helper dog” and be a part of the interview The amazing kryptonite of the white coat that can turn the feistiest of us into terrified children Call to Drs. for interviewees I would love to see the other side of sick world. Yes, Monica is a complete Neil Gaiman. There is no denying it. Someday Dr. Who will sponsor this podcast when they know…