Diabetes The Ultimate in Self Regulation : How To Really Screw Up A College Student’s First Year: Chronic Illness is the Baby that Never Grows Up
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This week on Invisible Not Broken, a chronic illness podcast, mostly about invisible illness, Monica Michelle interviews her cousin who has Type 1 Diabetes. Listen for: How having diabetes (or chronic illness) is like having a newborn. What it’s like to be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes two weeks into college. Some diabetes life hacks. Did you know insulin pumps aren’t waterproof? I didn’t What to say and what not to ask someone who has a chronic illness. Listen for the loud popping sound, that would be Monica Michelle’s hip dislocating (Yay Ehlers Danlos). Remember while we talk about medical issues none of us are doctors. If you want to try something talk to your doctor first. Tune in next week for Kyros Starrs interview with a man who has no kidneys! Thank you so much for joining Invisible Not Broken, an invisible illness podcast. Please share us with a friend, press subscribe and say something embarrassingly nice in our review section. Until next week: Be kind. Be gentle. Be a badass…