Everything you wanted to know about Medical Marijuana : Laws, Health, and the Other Side of Legality: It’s Not Easy Being Green
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February 26, 2018
What we Covered In Less Than An Hour! What does a lab do for medical marijuana? Jessica Peters of Moxi CBD rich tinctures now out of business because of Santa Rosa fires. Keep an eye out for her next business venture. Came to medical marijuana for her endometriosis becoming non-symptomatic after her use of marijuana Jessica has worked at Harborside Medical If you want people lowering their opioid use don’t make medical marijuana costly or difficult to get and other tales of common sense Taxation and not having the ability to use insurance means at least for Monica Michelle not being able to afford medication when taxes are more than the product Pediatric medical marijuana with seizure disorders and the parents who become medical refugees to get their children medicine that WILL NOT kill them. CPS issues with medicating children with Medical Marijuana. By the way, information by the government on what is or is not allowed by the CPS was VERY hard to find. A miracle cure? Might be if we could take it off…