Chronic Illness Misconceptions, Spoon Theory Explained, Handicap Parking Peanut Gallery, and How To Be Really Nice To The Spoonie In Your Life
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December 11, 2017
“It’s not just us missing society. We are also missing FROM society” — Monica Michelle Misconceptions of Chronic Illness Lisen to our most shareable episode. Send our chronic illness episode to the person you wish understood chronic illness better. Kyros’ perfectly organized show notes that I systematiclly disorganized.Misconceptions about Invisible Illnesses Start with an explanation of Spoon Theory! we’re tired of hearing all the time: You don’t look sick. / You look great. - When someone says, “But you LOOK good,” we really hear, “But, I don’t believe you, because I can’t see it.”That if you use a wheelchair, you have to use it all the time.That if you have a handicap placard, you must be using someone else’s, because you can’t be the one who is handicapped.So, are you retired / on disability then? Just because you are disabled, doesn’t mean you can get disability (SSI).Just because a person has a disability…