Running A Business While Having Chronic Illness Some Tips Some Pitfalls and Some Hope {A Chronic Illness Podcast}
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Two women in business while also dealing with chronic illness have a VERY honest discussion about pitfalls, planning, and vision in business while being a spoonie. Invisible Not Broken began because I have seen what happens when everyone is too frightened to show their vulnerabilities. It leads to misunderstandings and a serious lack of empathy. I always knew this project would be hard and desperately uncomfortable. You only have to listen to our Gaslighting episode to hear our theory about being the wounded gazelle (nope lions move along I am doing just FINE). This episode was very much pink underbelly vulnerability time for both Eva and I. We both had never really talked openly before of all of the challenges of running a business while being chronically ill with fibromyalgia for Eva who runs Wellacopia and EDS and fibromyalgia for Monica.