Holidays & Parties Spoonie Survival Guide {Chronic Illness Podcast}
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December 24, 2017
Holidays with chronic illnessThis is super general and done just from my perspective. Take what works for you drop what doesn’t and tweet your own tips to @invisiblenotbrk and help another spoonie out! Remember we are not medical professionals, if we were with our vocabulary we would be fired.Now that I think I have legally covered our asses I’m going to start with what to do if you are spending the holidays alone.Self-care is your buzzword of the day. Make sure you have your meds Make a playlist that makes you smile, no judging Jefferson Airplane We Built this City is on mine. ok judge, if it makes you feel better.Jigsaw Puzzle (Is wear it calms my ADD brain) Click if you think for a minute I was going to leave Dr. Who out of this. Favorite Dr. Who quote? “You know that in 900 years in time and space I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important before.” Seriously if you have never watched it almost counts as an antidepressant for me. Streaming on Amazon Prime. Walks or just sunlight. If stuck in bed pick the…