Searching For A Diagnosis Prescious My Prescious: A Chronic Illness Podcast
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What it’s like when ALL your medical tests show you are the healthiest sick person Oh that’s a thing and the amazing crazy things your body can do with chronic illness You know that feeling when you can’t breathe…yay like that most of the time Is it Prednisone or is it LSD? Show & Tell Can Go Horribly Wrong With Chronic Illness No Diagnosis means no protocol Searching for a Diagnosis on Dr. House …It’s Not Lupus, right? Chronic Illness Diagnosis hunting worst, most expensive, and time-consuming hobby The loneliness Of Not Having A Diagnosis Land Of Opportunity Only Counts If Everyone Can Get Health Insurance ( A Small business perspective) If you have anxiety already your new symptoms are NOT anxiety. You know when it is different. Seriously Trying to keep up with all the symptoms The entire body went into revolt Spin classes a religion be NICE when someone runs out Gluten Free does not mean that you are THAT person What to do to Take Care Of The Chronically Ill Person In Your Life if You want to do more…