Gas Lighting: Searching For Chronic Illness Diagnosis in American Healthcare System (Its’ funnier than it sounds and just as frustrating)
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“I put it down to herd animal weakness. I don’t want to show I could get picked off…I don’t want anyone to know..I’m here as the weakest gazelle going oh shit!” — Jen Toal Did I get lucky! I got to make a new friend. I hope you enjoy listening to Jen. She is an amazing poet and at the end of the interview you can hear two very powerful poems. She is hilarious and strong. She has been dealing with being sick and frail even though she has made massive changes (loosing 100lbs) and has just started in on her 40’s. We talk about parenting with a chronic illness, the American healthcare system (buckle up its’ about to get political), the importance of art when you can’t get out of bed, and how important friendships are especially when you are dealing with chronic invisible illness. Ms. T’s Answers {More Bad Ass Than Mr. T}Jen Toal Age 40ConditionsPTSD, Chronic Pain, Extensive nerve injury nerve injuries in both arms, Not Quite Fibromyalgia (is that a thing?), planters fasciitis, Anxiety/Depression(…Hang…