Amyloidosis, Parenting When Chronically Ill, What Not to Ask Sick People, Best idea for Airbnb {chronic illness podcast}
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Invisible Illness does not get much more invisible than Dawn. I can not remember when she first told me she was sick but I promise I was shocked, even with my invisible illness spidey sense. Please listen to the end to find out the best questions to ask a sick person and why “How are you doing?” should just be removed from the conversation. We also came up with the best idea for Airbnb if they want a how to rock at helping people idea. Thank you so much for listening to Invisible Not Broken. Please subscribe to the podcast to hear more interviews and of course leave an embarrassingly glowing review on iTunes.Until next week:Be Kind. Be Gentle. Be a Bad Ass. Learn More If you like what you heard, join the party Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Email Address Sign Up We respect your privacy. Thank you! Dawn’s Reccomendations for Spoonie SurvivalSpoon TheoryAmazon FreshAirbnbNetflixAmazon Prime VideoGirlfriends Guide to Divorce {Streaming on Netflix as of 7.17}Dr. Who {streaming on…