Burning Nights: CRPS and Double Amputations: Chronic Illness Podcast
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Show Notes For Victoria Abbott Fleming who has CRPS and Founded Burning Nights Complex Regional pain syndrome USE to be RSD Bilateral Double amputee 24 from a barrister and teacher onto a new normal of hospitals and years of tests and issues that lead to double amputation and medically induced coma 39 doctors and 7 months to get an answer Some symptoms of CRPS to watch out for Yes, Monica is still angering to visit England. Socialized medicine, the NHS, and the difference with ACA What happens when you are in AGONY and everything seems basically fine and drs. keep saying it shouldn’t be hurting Monica is still annoyed her nuclear test did not line up with super powers giving spiders How does chronic illness affect work and your relationships when you don’t have a diagnosis but your pain hit 9 and 10 regularly Fate has a SICK sense of humor What it is like for EVERYTHING to change in one day, spoon respect. How does chronic pain change your life and those around you When medication removes having children…