#182: Unconventional Wisdom, Listen to Spock.
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T-shirts I am doing another run of t-shirts for the show. After I did the campaign for them last fall I heard from a lot of people that they missed out. This year I’m giving the campaign a nice long run (through April 28). The shirt design this year combines three distinctly geeky things—underscores, square brackets and fixed width fonts. Shirts are $14.59 (never longer than 15 minutes). Get one at http://teespring.com/developing. My thanks for the dozens of people who have already got one. Unconventional Wisdom I’m doing a series of episodes trying to take contrarian positions against conventional wisdom in software development. My goal is to challenge the assumptions we make and help us to think more critically about how we conduct our business. The result is something that isn’t 100% my actual position on things but should be productive and hopefully thought provoking nevertheless. I’ll be making sweeping, un-nuanced statements for effect. As with everything in life, it is more complicated than I’m going…