#183: Anxiety and Inertia
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My thanks to everyone who purchased a t-shirt in the last two weeks. They should be at the printer and then on their way to your door within the next week or so. Anxiety and Inertia I’ll be taking a quick break from the Unconventional Wisdom series today. I want to ruminate a bit on something more topical for my personally. Feed Wrangler hit its one year anniversary this past week. That accomplishment in and of itself is rather significant for me. If you have been listening to this podcast over the last year you know the trials and triumphs getting to here has involved. I wrote up my thoughts about that here if you are interested. The actual topic I want to discuss though isn’t directly related to Feed Wrangler. It has to do with the anxiety of sustaining a business. I’ve been making my primary living from the App Store for just shy of five years now. In that time I’ve seen it morph and change dramatically. The manner in which I have been able to make a living has necessarily required several adjustments…